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Netta Fried

The chairperson is responsible for fulfilling the necessary obligations of the association. This contains the laws and any rules. The chairman gathers the board and commences the meetings. He is also responsible that the board is functioning properly.

Netta also works as TTO's harrasment contact.


Vice chairperson

Henri Helin

Vice chairperson takes care of the chairpersons’ tasks when they are not able to attend. In addition to this he is responsible for the effectiveness of the board together with the chairperson.



Erika Kurvi

The secretary keeps minutes of the meeting of the board. She also keeps records and prepares other documents. The role includes making of to do-list and gathering of reports and proposals.


Financial Secretary

Juho Heino

Finance secretary takes care of the boards’ money and helps with accounting. In addition to this, he follows all the tax or work-relates changes together with the chairperson.


Student Advocacy

Laura Luga

The representative of education policies takes care of the well-being of the BBA students. She gives opinions on the implementation of courses and important tasks regarding schooling policies.


Laura also works as TTO's harrasment contact.


Tutoring and members

Valtteri Lahtinen

The tutor and member representative ensures that all tutors are prepared for their roles and support them from the student associations point of view. They also maintain the member register and manage the memberships.

Valtteri also works as TTO's harrasment contact.


Company Cooperation

Rasmus Kankkonen

Company cooperation representative is responsible for the association’s working life contacts. He also manages the recruitment efforts of the association, for example organizing the Portti fair.

In addition, the role includes cooperation agreements and sponsorships.

Rasmus also works as TTO's harrasment contact.


Foreign Relations

Veera Bohjanen

The representative of foreign relations is responsible for organizing the international excursion and other excursions taking place in Finland as well.


Veera also works as TTO's harrasment contact.


Culture and free-time

Santeri Liukkula

Culture and free-time representative is responsible for organizing e.g. the Christmas party, Vappu and Valentine’s day happenings. He is also responsible of TTO's sport shift.


Media representative

Tatu Neejärvi

Media representative takes care of the coordination of social media and is the editor in chief for Provisio magazine. In addition to this He sends monthly news letters.

Tatu also works as TTO's harrasment contact.


Entertainment representative

Silja Salmela

The role of the entertainment includes organizing numerous events and represent TTO in them. It also includes taking care of the co-operations with companies included in the events.

Silja also works as TTO's harrasment contact.



Mikko Hiltunen

PISTOT-representative is responsible for the organizing monthly PISTOT-parties with TIRO Ry and PIRATE Ry. The role requires planning and taking care of the social media of PISTOT as well.



Aleksi Saarivirta

The webmaster takes care of the websites of the association. This includes designing and eventually creating the websites along with other members. He takes care of the e-mail lists and any IT services.




Badger is a mascot of TTO that can be met at various events and stands. 

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