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Harassment Contact Operation

Everyone has the right to a safe learning environment and student events without any form of harassment. Inappropriate, discriminatory, and offensive speech, behavior, or communication have no place at Tampere University of Applied Sciences or in any student life.

The learning environment should be a safe place where every student can focus on their studies and personal development without fear or distress. Harassment is never acceptable, and its prevention requires collective efforts from the entire student community.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TTO) has harassment contact persons trained by the Student Union (Tamko) whom you can contact regarding any incidents of harassment.

Harassment contact persons support and advise students who have experienced harassment. Those who have witnessed harassment can also contact harassment contact persons with any questions or concerns about the procedures.

Harassment contact persons do not take further actions without consent. They also do not keep records of those who contact them, and they maintain strict confidentiality. All harassment contact persons are TAMK students, just like you. Tamko employees support the harassment contact persons, handling their training and assisting them in challenging situations — all in complete confidence.

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