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Since 2019, TTO's own membership has been discontinued and by joining the Professionals of Business and Technology, you will have access to all the benefits of TTO ry.

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By joining the Professionals of Business and Technology as a Gold or Black member, you are automatically entitled to all the benefits offered by TTO ry! When you join, be sure to mention Tampereen Tradenomiopiskelijat Ry as your local association.

You can join using the button above.

The membership benefits of TTO Ry include:

  • Overalls

  • Cheaper participation in events (e.g. ski trips, soppasauna)

  • Participations in company excursions

  • Participation in seminars

  • Varied seasonal benefits (e.g. sauna evenings, theater tickets)

  • Christmas party

  • Discounts from our partners

In addition to the above benefits, you have access to the following benefits from the Professionals of Business and Technology:

Silver-level membership is free and benefits are available for 18 months from joining. The silver level includes:

  • Legal advisory services (e.g. employment contract, working hours, holiday arrangements or employment problems)

  • Salary counseling

  • Student events all over Finland (Tradenologia, education, graduate events and events of one's own local association)

  • Tradenomi magazine

  • Kauppalehti free of charge for four months. The benefit applies to 1.-4. year-round students. The order can be placed once a year in October-November, this will be announced by e-mail and in Finland.

  • Working life information (e.g. BBA student's working life guide, student surveys)

  • You can get business graduate cap cheaper

  • Member+ service, discount on holiday cottages, online shopping and cruises, for example

  • Discount on If insurance

The Gold level membership costs 19 € per year and includes all the silver level benefits and:

  • Personal career coaching

  • Leisure accident and passenger insurance

  • Events organized by Professionals of Business and Technology

  • Well-being coaching for stress and time management, for example

  • Entrepreneurship parsing

You should switch to the black level as soon as you go to summer work, part-time work (at least 18 hours a week) or paid internship.

Black level membership costs 85 € per year and includes:

  • All the benefits of silver and gold levels

  • Unemployment security

  • Legal protection of working life

Due to the membership conditions of the Unemployment Insurance Fund, joining a black level member requires a valid employment relationship. You cannot join the fund during unpaid internships. 

Read more about the membership benefits here!


If your information changes during your membership, send an email to and notify us of the changes.


If you want to terminate your membership, please contact us by e-mail or by phone 020 155 8800.

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